Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Looking for lost interviews

I am hard at work on the volumes 9 and 10 of Walt's People. Volume 10 will be fully dedicated to the interviews conducted by Bob Thomas. You will find below the list of all the Bob Thomas interviews I could locate. I know I am still missing some. Those I am missing are not stored at the Walt Disney Archives or at UCLA.

Do you have access to any interviews about Disney conducted by Bob Thomas that do not appear in this list? If you do, could you please contact me by private email at didier.ghez@gmail.com

I am especially looking forward to locate the interviews with Rolly Crump and Harriet Burns that are mentioned in the bibliography of Jeff Kurtti's book Legends of Imagineering. Jeff not longer has access to those.

Full interviews

Walt Disney
Ken Anderson
Marc Davis
Bill Cottrell
Bill Walsh
Dick Irvine
Bill Anderson
Winston Hibler
Ub Iwerks
Frank Thomas
James Algar
Joe Fowler
Ollie Johnston
Milt Kahl
Walt Pfeiffer
Donn Tatum
Card Walker
Lillian Disney

Interview notes

Marvin Davis
Woolie Reitherman
Larry Clemmons
Dick Huemer
George Bruns
John Lounsbery
Dolores Voght
Roy E. Disney
Edna Disney
Ward Kimball
Roger Broggie
John Hench
Herb Ryman
Joe Potter
Hazel George
Harper Goff
Wilfred Jackson
Robert Stevenson
Wathel Rogers
Robert Foster
Ham Luske

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