Thursday, August 20, 2009

This just in from Sebastien Durand:

[I have just watched the complete first season of The Muppet Show that was made available in France recently. I have always loved Jim Henson's creatures and I regret that, with the exception of one excellent 3D attraction, Disney has never been able to develop the franchise as it deserved. However, one early hint of the difficulties that would arise between the two companies may have sufaced in an episode of that first season (1976-1977). This is the episode with Ethel Merman. The legendary Broadway Lady sings "YOU'RE THE TOP" to Kemit the Frog and, as in the original Cole Porter lyrics, she says "You're Mickey Mouse!". Kermit interrupts "Is that a compliment?". "Well, you just called me a Coliseum". "Well, sorry about that!".Thought that funny moment could be of some interest to your readers.

In the Youtube video, that moment happens between 5'40-6'00 mn.

PS. Another Disney reference in that first season : a funny sketch adapting the "NEVER SMILE AT A CROCODILE" song. ]

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