Monday, August 31, 2009

This just in from Alan Coats:

[Didier - Thanks for posting Mom's obituary on the Disney Blog August 10th.


Dave Smith at Archives reviewed the obit and had some minor changes that I would like to include as a specific correction message and not within the present text because it wouldn't be noticed. Dave was correct in changing the title to ARTIST WAS OLDEST SURVIVING DISNEY EMPLOYEE, SUPERVISOR ON "SNOW WHITE" - She was not the oldest employee when she was working here as the current title implies.

And, big surprise! They have a record of her hire date - 3/28/31 - not 1932 as she had always told me. This puts her even further back in animation history, before color.

Last two things. The correct title is "Three Little Pigs" not "THE..." And also, there is a question mark at the end of "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"

Alan Coats apologizes to all Disney fans who may have caught these mistakes. And thanks to Dave Smith for his thorough knowledge of Disney history.

Thanks, Alan]

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