Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If you remember The Disney Treasures, The Disney Keepsakes and The Mickey Mouse Treasures by Robert Tieman, then you know what the upcoming book The Pixar Treasures by Tim Hauser looks like. I never cease to be amazed at the fact that we can get so many reproductions of physical items as part of a book for such a reasonable price.

But what makes things even better, of course, is that the items selected are consistently interesting and often surprising. Those from The Pixar Treasures are no exception. A case in point is this hilarious early Christmas Card from the Studio.
I also enjoyed tremendously in the book the fact that the roots of the Pixar Studio are traced back all the way to the Disney Studio and the Character Animation Program (a physical reproduction of the program is enclosed) and that homage is paid more than once to Frank, Ollie, Eric, and Milt.
Is this book worth buying for the holidays? If you enjoy Pixar as much as I do, then the clear answer is "you bet!" But be warned that what makes its value are the countless illustrations and keepsakes, not the text itself. Lots of surprises though, so I doubt that any of you will be disappointed.

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Arthur K said...

Looks like a great book on Pixar studios