Monday, August 10, 2009

I have just received the latest issue of the magazine Twenty-Three and I have to admit that this time around I am extremely impressed.

The cover story by Ed Squair about the Haunted Mansion is in-depth and contains a lot of truly new material, JB Kaufman's article about the upcoming WD Family Museum is thoroughly enjoyable, the tribute to Wayne Allwine is touching, the article about the upcoming Toy Story 3 is fascinating and contains a beautiful tribute to Joe Ranft, the article about the Blue Bayou contains some spetacular artwork that I had never seen, the article about Snow White by Canemaker is beautifully written (what did you expect from John?) and full of new interviews, the article about Disneyland 59 is a strong one, the piece about the creation of the Obama AA for The Hall of Presidents has a lot of material about the succesor to Blaine Gibson, Valerie Edwards, and the photo spread is much better than in the first two issues.

Way to go! I think this magazine found its marks and is becoming a must-have.

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