Thursday, August 06, 2009

43 Years and a Museum...

A quick thought I was having recently about the upcoming opening of the Walt Disney Family Museum. The Disney Company was established in 1923. Walt passed away in 1966. That's 43 years of Walt's leadership. And when the Museum will open the Company will have been led by someone other than Walt for another 43 years almost exactly.

No wonder the memory of Walt as an individual is in some ways fading (outside of the circle of enthusiasts). It was indeed high time for this Museum to open.

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Anonymous said...

Nice comment Didier! I just wished they'd done things the way Walt did it, not letting down members of D23, founding members of the WDF museum etc by promising them availability of tickets they'd already sold out!!!!!
How can they promote the honesty Walt Disney represented, his respect of the customer/audience, by doing things in this most un-Walt Disney way????