Monday, August 10, 2009

20 issues of the Disney World magazine were being sold on ebay until today. I managed to buy one of them only at a reasonable price and will try and post scans of it on the blog at some point. If the buyer of the other issues is a reader of this blog, I would love to get scans or photocopies, even if I have to buy them.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi! I bought 4 of them to add to my current collection of 3.

I've posted two of them already from my existing collection (let me know if you needs links). My third one is the one you are showing. When I get the four new ones I'd be happy to share the full scans with you (no charge). Email with your contact info.

Anonymous said...

Didier - love your web log. So many interesting items. I am trying to determing the numbering scheme for 'THE DISNEY WORLD' magazines. At times I think they were bi-monthly and at times quarterly - each has a volume and number. As an example V5 #1 is the July 1967 issue. Talking about what will be going on since Walt's death.
We met briefly some years ago the the NFFC convention in Anaheim.
Thanks again.

Michael Goldberg
Nashville, TN

Didier Ghez said...


Could you please email me at