Thursday, July 02, 2009

This just in from my Serbian friend Sasa Rakezik (also known as Zograf):

[Enclosed is an ad that I found. It was published in Politika daily from Belgrade, on January 25, 1941. It's announcing a "double program" for a movie show. One was obviously Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, while the other feature is a "story of a life of the Russian emigrants in the US", titled Blood of a Kozak.

The Snow White ad was probably done by Vlasta Belkic, who did these covers for the Mika Mis magazine. As you can see, there was not even a title of a movie. It was probably so popular that just a picture of the characters would tell it all. It is actually like a REBUS, because between the drawing of a Snow White and the Dwarfs there is a Cyrillic letter "i"(which means "and"). The short description says, "The unique creation in the history of film - unlike anything before, it has no competition at all. It was only through enormous efforts that this wanderful presentation of the kingdom of beauty and magic was made true".]

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