Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This just in from Jim Korkis:
[One of the great joys about writing about Disney History is that sometimes out of the blue you get a response from someone you never knew about who supples a piece of information that you had never heard before despite all your research. I recently wrote an article about the Disney radio show of the 1930s entitled "Mickey Mouse Theater of the Air" and in the course of the article I talked about Felix Mills who was the musical director for the show and who created a "gadget band" with wild instruments for Donald Duck to direct on some episodes. I heard from Solo Goodspeed, the grandson of Felix Mills.

"Bless your heart for that wonderful article about the Mickey Mouse radio program. Though I was born in 1954, I grew up listening to recordings of the program given to me by my grandfather Gordon "Felix" Mills, whom you know was the orchestra leader and arranger on that and other radio shows. He was a great influence and inspiration to me in my life, and I still have those old tapes in my closet, though no way to play them presently without a r2r recorder. Thank you also for including the link to the seven radio shows, I hadn't heard those in SOOO long. Did you know that the drummer in Donald Duck's Webfoot Sextet was Spike Jones, before he founded the City Slickers? I'm going to forward your article to my mother (Felix's daughter), I'm sure she'll enjoy and appreciate the information you've posted."]

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