Friday, June 05, 2009

This just in from Jim Korkis:

[I was looking through some stuff to possibly sell and was distracted by skimming through ANIMATION BLAST #2 by Amid Amidi from Fall 1998. It has two interviews with Warner Brothers animators (Bob Givens and Pete Alvarado) that you might want for Bugs' Buddies. However, from a Disney History standpoint, in the Bob Given interview he admits that in his Warner Brothers cartoon "Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt" that the feisty little Indian giving Bugs Bunny trouble was a caricature of Disney Legend Ward Kimball. In the Pete Alvarado interview is a sample of his artwork for a Sunday Mr. Magoo newspaper strip written by Disney storyman Dick Kinney. In it, Magoo and his nephew go to "MagicLand" that looks a lot like Disneyland and in fact there is a Jungleland Boat Ride where the myopic Magoo ends up talking to audio-animatronic animals (and we know they are mechanical because Alvarado puts a "Click! Click!" sound effect by the rhino, elephant and monkey.)]

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