Thursday, June 11, 2009

Leo Holzer has just launched a Friends of the Walt Disney Family Museum on Facebook and encourages readers of this blog to join it. He recently posted the following note that he encouraged me to share:

[Subject: seeking personal memories of Walt Disney

Hi there. Roger and I are working to set up some interviews for stories about the Walt Disney Family Museum for this site and elsewhere, but as the museum gets ready for its opening this fall, we'd thought we'd get this Facebook site kicked off with something fun and interesting.

We're looking for your personal memories of Walt Disney, stories you might enjoy sharing with others on this site.

Maybe you're of a certain age and actually saw or met Walt Disney. Maybe you have a photo of that event you'd like to post here. Please do.

But even if you're like me and your memories of Walt are through his introductions to Disney's Wonderful World of Color or some book or newspaper article, those memories hold meaning in your life and we're interested in reading those as well.

I still remember my first visit to Disneyland, a few years after Walt's death, but HIS PICTURE was on the guidebook. I don't think I quite grasped the idea that Walt wasn't still walking among us. Even today, on my best visits to the park or when I'm watching some legend talk about working with Walt, I feel his spirit, optimism and inspiration alive.

We're planning a monthly topic of discussion on this Facebook site, all specific about Walt Disney's life and works, and encourage your participation. For June, it being the month of Father's Day, we'll start with your personal memories of Walt.

Every month we'll read all the submissions and select our favorites to share with Diane Disney Miller and officials at the museum.

Finally, if you have friends who are fans or students of Walt Disney's life, encourage them to join our jamboree here on Facebook. Remember and honor the company's humble roots when you look at the multimedia behemoth it's become since 1923.

Thanks everyone.]


mnmears said...

Didier, thanks for the shout out. You know how special this museum is going to be once it opens.

We hope to use the Facebook Friends of the Walt Disney Family Museum site to give people some interesting back stories about the people involved in the museum's development and construction as well as let them know about its opening and special events.

Anonymous said...

This is great! Walt Disney interacted with his public and this should be kept alive by this kind of thing. What is the site of Holzer's Facebook?

mnmears said...

If you appreciate the life and legacy of Walt Disney, you should check out the Facebook Friends of the Walt Disney Family Museum. You have to ask to become a member, but no one's been turned away.

here's the link: