Thursday, June 11, 2009

I just got news from an old friend about the upcoming book Windows on Main Street from Disney Editions which should hit the parks this summer:

[It is a "Disney in Detail" style book, similar to the "Expedition Everest" and brand new "Finding Nemo in the Disney Theme Parks" book. Square paperback, 26 pages, D23 stamped. It will only be sold in the parks. It was researched extensively and its author Chuck Snyder conducted many interviews for it. I think it is a "must have," because of the insight it gives into the references made in the windows, and also for having a complete list of all Disneyland and WDW windows, which no one has printed up to this point. Marty Sklar wrote the intro, and a lot of Disney Legends helped with anecdotes.]

By the way, could anyone send me additional information about Finding Nemo in the Disney Theme Parks mentioned in this note?


Anonymous said...

Only sold in the parks. Great, just great.

Anonymous said...

Small book, focused on kids. Combination of cartoon pics and live pics from the attractions. I buy almost all disney park books and this one didn't appeal to me at all.