Thursday, May 07, 2009

As promised, here are a few more documents related to layout artist Don Griffith thanks to his granddaughter, including some photos of his retirement party. Could anyone identify some of the artists on the photos?


Major Pepperidge said...

That sure looks like a very young Andreas Deja (mustache, light blue shirt)!!

Will Finn said...

Ed Hansen (Animation Dept. boss) is the bald gent presenting Mr. Griffith with the card.

In the group shot that is indeed Andreas, and Mr. Griffith has his right hand on Thom Enriquez's shoulder. Ted Berman is kneeling (in red shirt) and Joe Hale to the left of Ed Hansen (Mr. Hansen has the tie on) and BG painter Jim Coleman is standing in the far back middle (with moustache). Karen Keller is standing in violet blouse and the guy in white kneeling in the center may be Bill Frake, but I am not sure.

Didier Ghez said...

Thanks Will!

Floyd Norman said...

That's story artist, David Jonas standing next to Ed Hansen. The guy below dave with the big smile is layout artist, Mike Hodgson.

I was banished from the studio during these days having been fired off the ill fated, "Robin Hood."

As far as I'm concern, these were dark days at Disney.

Anonymous said...

John Musker here:

A few corrections/confirmations about the group photo:
Top row: layout man Guy Vasilovich is the bearded fellow not Thom Enriquez, next is Don G., can't remember the girl's name ( blue sketch artist I think) Joe Hale, Jim Coleman, Ed Hansen, Rick Rich, Dave Jonas, Karen Keller. Kneeling: Ted Berman, Andreas Deja, Bill Frake, Mike Hodgson,and again I can't quite place the girl.

Karen Keller said...

The mystery girl was indeed a blue sketch artist-Kathy Zar. The woman seated in front is Carol Grosvenor, a fellow layout artist.
-Karen Keller