Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So the cat is finally out of the bag. I had heard for weeks that an ambitious project was underway at the Walt Disney Company aimed at Disney enthusiasts. It was revealed yesterday and does really sound like something exciting and that we would want to support. It's called D23 and you can read more about it through the links below:

- Disney D23 Magazine Review - Lotsa Details, Some Photos
- Disney announces D23 , " The Official Community for Disney Fans " by Alain Littaye
- Disney officials insist that D23 was created for the fans, not just for funds by Jim Hill


Stitch Kingdom said...

Thanks for the mention. I actually have a lot more information on D23 including details that revealed during a press only conference call. It's best to access all of the D23 articles on Stitch Kingdom through

Anonymous said...

It is great Didier! From what I saw of it, it is really done for the fans!