Wednesday, February 04, 2009

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[National Donaldistic Magazine (in English)

Disney Made in Finland
Publishing History of Disney Comics in Finland
Romano Scarpa The Italian Master of Mice and Ducks
Man Behind the Wolf - Gil Turner
Gaze Upon Barks Oils
Screaming Cowboy - Donaldist Anthem

25 x 17,5 cm (9,8 x 6,9 inch)
36 pagesB/W

Finnish donaldistic fanzine Ankkalinnan Pamaus started in 1998. So, 2008 marked the 10th anniversary of AP-fanzine. To celebrate the anniversary we created this special English issue. The purpose of the issue is to provide some of the articles we have published in Finnish to wider audience outside Finland, but also to present and introduce the history of Finnish Disney publications and comics plus bring forth some Finnish creators of Disney comics.

To USA: $5.00 + postage economy $1.90
To Europe: 4€ + postage economy 1,35€ (1.20 £)
In Finland: 4€ + postage first class 1,10€

Pay required amount to bank account (works for Europeans at least): IBAN FI22 1649 3000 0026 17 BIC NDEAFIHHDo not forget to include your address and other necessary info!

Or send cash well concealed in envelope to:
Ankistit ryc/o Timo Ronkainen
YO-kyla 52 A 26
20540 Turku

email: timoro2 [at]]

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