Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This just in from Jim Korkis through ebay:

[C.C. Beck was the artist on the original Golden Age Captain Marvel. He picked up some extra money in the 80s doing cover recreations of Captain Marvel but apparently did a few others as well....including recreating a classic Carl Barks cover.]

Ebay description:

[Offered here is a beautiful cover recreation painting of Four Color #108 (Donald Duck in the Ghost of the Grotto) done by C.C. Beck in 1980. This piece measures 15” x 20” (image area is 11” x 15.5”) and is in excellent condition aside from some light tape pulling on the front (only in the margins, actual image is unaffected). Overall a spectacular example of C.C. Beck art.]

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Anonymous said...

It's the cover of Four Color # 159 (1947), and not # 108. And more important, the original cover was drawn by Carl Buettner, not Carl Barks.