Monday, January 19, 2009

This just in from Jim Korkis:

[Little Known Facts About Well Known Places: Disneyland is a nice little book but for Disney book completists only. This approximately 5x7 hardcover runs 200 two color pages (black and orange) with usually one fact (actually only one sentence in very large type) on each page. Author David Hoffman is supposedly a television writer who also works as an on-camera corespondent and author of a dozen books on pop culture. Apparently there are four other books in the series: Paris, Italy, New York, Ireland.

For the most part, the information is accurate but fairly well known by Disneyphiles. However, Hoffman does occasionally veer off into urban legends and speculation, in particular his entries on Club 33. For approximately the same price, a better bargain would be "Disneyland Detective" by Kendra Trehan that contains more information, more previously unfamiliar information and much better illustrations. The illustrations in this book (to avoid Disney legal attention) are generic drawings of a submarine or a carousel to occasionally illustrate a piece of information. I really wish this had been a better book but for those with little or no knowledge about Disneyland but a casual interest in the subject, it would be a nice gift.]

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