Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This just in from Gunnar:

[Enclosed you'll find 3 early caricatures of Walt Disney.

The caricature from 1929 (above) was drawn by Jack King (together with caricatures of all the artists of the studio at that time).

The painting of Walt and his crew: Walt Disney by Miguel Covarrubias, 1937; Gouache.

Information about Miguel Covarrubias is found here.

"Walt Disney has made a brilliant acting unit out of about as irresponsible, undependable, unstable a crew as ever trod the boards," claimed the text accompanying this Vogue caricature, June 15, 1937.
Do you or readers of your blog know of other early caricatures of Walt - by studio artists or others ?]


Anonymous said...

I love the first one, it depicts a really heart felt laugh, really alive!

PaulBunyan said...

This may be too obvious, but two good sources are Jack Kinney’s “Walt and Assorted Other Characters” (p. 14 + 46) and Bill Peet’s Autobiography (p. 102-107).