Monday, November 03, 2008

My sincere apologies for this off-topic post. I will redeem myself tomorrow by sharing some exciting info about the upcoming Wally Boag book.
For now, I would just like to ask all US readers of this blog to go and vote tomorrow if you have not already done so.

Who I would vote for if I were a US citizen is pretty obvious from the illustration of this post, but regardless of whether you support Obama or not, please, please go and vote. This election is way too important for the fate of the world at large to ignore. But you all already know that, of course.


Anonymous said...

What a great gesture of freedom and Disney courage to post this on your blog, Didier! No need for apologies, I don't think,

Mark Sonntag said...

I'm with you on that Didier, this is one election I wish I could vote in.

Michael said...

Thanks for this post. If it makes you feel better, my vote has already been in the system for a week now - I voted early last Monday.

Don't apologize for the post - I've been considering what I want to put on my own blog either tonight or tomorrow. I've been away from the blog and the community for a few weeks because I've been wrapped up in election goings-on, but hopefully it'll all pay off tomorrow.

Kevin Kidney said...

Thanks Didier! Walt Disney, who was a highly patriotic guy, would be proud. This election is mighty important to us all!

Anonymous said...

Well, i think most of the world would vote for "Change". :-)
Good post!

David said...

Congratulations to my American friends for embracing the right candidate at the right time.