Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The item above is currently being sold on ebay. Here is the caption:

[I'm back again with more Disney Studio Documents that came from the collections of Directors, Animators and Publicity Director William Hosey. I am listing just a few tonight but will do more as the week goes on.

What you are looking at is the cover and several interior pages of Dalton S. Reymond's story treatment for Joel Chandler Harris' "UNCLE REMUS" stories that eventually became "SONG OF THE SOUTH"! The entire document consists of 63 pages plus the cover and the back cover. I have scanned the dated title page (May 15, 1944), the first and third pages of the story treatment and the first page of the story outline. If you have a decent computer monitor you should be able to read the pages in the pictures. I reproduced them in a larger format then the cover and first page in the hope that they could be read.

The story treatment consists of 5 pages that explains HOW the stories should be handled, which characters should be included and how they should be handled and how the animation & live action should be integrated together and musical possibilities. There's a lot more to it of course but that's good basic outline. The remaining 57 pages are the story as envisioned by Reymond, which was the basis of the story that became the film.]

Mark Sonntag who sent me the link said "I would if I could. I'd love to read this." Believe me, I agree with that statement.

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