Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I have been collecting Disneyana and researching Disney history for at least 20 years. One of the biggest joys is to browse through your collection and stumble upon an item that did not make much sense at the time you bought it but becomes priceless today.

An example? Last week I was gathering all the items I have in my collection about Disney and Iberia (Spain and Portugal) to help edit and illustrate the book I was mentioning on this blog recently. A magazine I bought when I was still a student (living in Madrid) about 14 years ago is the Spanish Filmes Selectos from April 22, 1933. I bought it because I saw a large Disney article "written" by Walt Disney and I would buy almost any old magazine that would contain good articles by or about Walt. I did not recognize the co-author at the time. The name Bill Garity did not ring a bell. It does now in a big way as Jeremie Noyer and I are both researching his career and the articles he wrote. Believe me, I was jumping up and down when I saw that name on Saturday.

I have a feeling that this article from 1933 might exist somehwhere in English. If that is the case, it would be great to get a copy. For now, here it goes for our Spanish speaking readers.

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