Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This just in from Are:

[I received this scan of a photo from the Disney studio in the 1930s from my friend Gunnar Andreassen here in Norway.

It's a scan from the CD-Rom: "Walt Disney - An intimate history of the man and his magic" - hence its bad quality.

What the studio staff is holding in their hands is a box of "Post Toasties" each - see the enclosed scan of a box.

Two questions;

1) Does anybody have this photo in a good quality?

2) What is the story behind this photo - a publicity stunt for the "Post Toasties" in the 1930's?

I am enclosing an enlargement of Al Taliaferro (from the staff photo) holding a box by the way.]


David said...

In 1934 Disney, through their rep Kay Kamen, inked a deal with General Foods worth $1.5 million. I would hazard a guess this is related to the inking of the deal. Click on the following link to see an entry on my blog related to the Post Toasties campaign.

Matt Jones said...

Hi Didier, check out the Vintage Film Posters sale coming up @

VERY interesting Polish poster for Dumbo