Thursday, September 04, 2008

The third book I received last week from Disney Editions is Disney's Dogs by Tamara Khalaf. (Since I had already shown the front cover a few weeks ago, I decided to show the back cover today).

I thouroughly enjoyed that book. It's purely artwork, with close to no text and the format is extremely small, but the artwork has been selected with care and almost none of the pieces included had been seen before. Most of artwork included is either concept art, storyboards or animation drawings, with (thankfully) few cels. Some of the characters are also very obscure which introduces another level of enjoyable surprises.

My only disappointment: the name of the artists who created the art is nowhere to be seen. While I realize that quite a few artists (especially earlier ones) would have been hard to identify, this is from my point of view a real drawback.

In summary: I definitely hope that there will soon be a Disney's Cats as I would love to buy it.

On another note: Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Mary Blair seems to have started shipping on Amazon. I have not yet seen that book but we all know that it will be a pure delight, linke Cinderella last year and Peter Pan next year.

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