Friday, September 05, 2008

Judi Rogers managed to find a lot more info about Perce Pearce:

[Percival Pearce was born in Waukegan, Illinois, on September 7, 1899. He graduated in 1918 from high school and later graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago. He moved to Los Angeles where he met Walt Disney and became a writer, producer and director. He married June Swan and they had two daughters, Mrs. Stanley Kramer of Beverly Hills, and Georgia Pearce, London.

He died suddenly in London on July 5, 1955, of a "coronary thrombosis" (heart attack) while preparing a series of films scheduled for use in the (new) Disney television program that was to begin that fall. He was said to be the model for "Doc" in "Snow White". Only one daughter remains alive but I do not know which one! He is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles.

There is a copy of his obit that should be on the Waukegan News-Sun website for June 5, 1955 along with a picture. I don't have a scanner, or I would send it to you myself!

I think we're getting somewhere now! I read that Anne Pearce married Stanley Kramer in 1950 and they were later divorced. I believe she was his 2nd wife. Not sure if she's still alive--but will find out!

In addition:

Percival Pearce is listed on 4 different passenger lists from Southampton, England to NewYork:

Dec. 1946 - Percival is listed as traveling with his wife, June. Their address at that time is listed as 8050 Selma Avenue, Hollywood, CA

Mar. 1950 - Percival is listed as traveling with his wife, June, and daughter, Georgia. Georgia's birthdate is listed as approx. 1933, born in Michigan. Their address at that time is 8050 Selma Avenue, Hollywood, CA

Nov. 1951 - Percival is listed as traveling with June. Their address is the same.

Feb. 1954 - Percival is listed as traveling with June. Their address at this time is 3576 Berry Drive, Hollywood, CA]

Two key questions:

1. Could someone send me a copy of the Obit mentioned above? I can't seem to be able to access it.

2. Would anyone of you have access to story meetings notes from meetings that were attended by Perce Pearce? If so, I really would love to get copy or for you just to contact me. I am now hoping that someone could put together an in-depth piece about Pearce for a future volume of Walt's People


Clement Glen said...

I was one of those blog readers who kept asking if anyone had information on Perce Pearce. Thank you so much for giving out this information.

Anonymous said...

his old house located in hollywood...

Will It Float said...

I will send you some photos of a chalk ware caricature Indian dated 1927 and signed Perce Pearce. It's an extraordinary piece and looks to have been created to be a model for an early cartoon character.
I'm so grateful to find your blog; Clement of the Glen suggested I get in touch with you but I don't see a contact link...

Didier Ghez said...

Please use: