Friday, September 19, 2008

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- Hans Bacher's new blog
- Linda Woolverton and Belle by Wade Sampson

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David said...

Funny because I was just reviewing a manuscript the other night written by my friend Dennis. The draft contains his interviews with Model Department staff including Helen Nervobig, Bob Jones and Wah Ming Chang.

What a great photo: Earl Hurd who invented the cel and who created some gorgeous conceptual art, the great Albert Hurter who had the ability to bring any inanimate object to life, and Danish illustrator Kay Nielsen whose inspirational pastels, especially from the unproduced Ride of the Valkyries sequence of Fantasia are so beautiful (Dennis owns 10 or 11 original Nielsen pieces).

Helen Nervobig painted the maquettes created by staff in the Model Department. She also worked with Courvoisier and their art program and with some of the California pottery companies that created ceramic Disney figures.

Bill Jones was Bob Jones' brother. Bob was a master puppeteer who was instrumental in hiring Chris Cristadoro, a sculptor who created the first Model Department maquette - Pinocchio with one arm outstrectched pointing up to the sky (this can be seen in one post on my blog).

And of course the great Joe Grant, who had the final say on the release of character model sheets.

Just a great image with so much talent pictured. I wonder who the two unnamed artists are? And wouldn't it be great to see the art on the walls?