Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More info about Disney's Lost Chords 2:

[Dear Didier,

I was hoping to have books available by the end of this week, but a delay at the printer has pushed delivery to me until about Sept.15.

Thank you for your immediate and enthusiastic response.

I realize for many people, especially for overseas orders, Paypal is the most convenient way to order. So, yes, we do accept Paypal. Paypal or credit card requests should be made to Laura at pintopony66@yahoo.com.

I will be going to WDW for several days at the beginning of Oct. in order to make a presentation of DISNEY'S LOST CHORDS to the National Fantasy Fan Club convention.
This will be a slightly altered version of a presentation that has been made several times in California, in which we had 4 singers and a piano accompaniast giving the first public performance of about a dozen selections from the book. I narrated, giving background information and showing artwork. The Orlando version will rely on recordings made during the original presentation, along with some of the deleted song sequences on video and my
narration with examples of development art.

I just received an order for Volume 1 from Australia (the first from that region), so I found out the shipping rate is the same as for Europe.

All the best,

I am so excited about this book that now that I know how to pay for it I will do so right away.

Speaking of books (good and bad), I have just received three books from Disney Editions, two very good and one pretty bad. I will start reviewing them tomorrow.


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