Monday, July 28, 2008

OK, I do not usually talk about guidebooks to the parks, but since the publisher of the books Vacation Education Destination Epcot and Vacation Education Magic Kingdom has decided to send me review copies, the least I can do is review them here.

Both books are really good. The author has done her homework extremely well and if you are planning a vacation to one of those two parks with your kids you could definitely use them. The educational information, ideas to set-up activities and other advice to enjoy a very enriching trip with kids from 5 to 12 are all well thought through. The Disney-related information is also quite precise from what I saw and I even learned a few things myself, like the religious significance of the Mexican tradition of the Pinata.

However, be warned that those books have a very strong Christian flavor. Too strong to my taste, in fact. The constant references to the Gospel and the Bible did bother me a bit and I did seriously cringe when "creationism" was mentioned in the Universe of Energy section. That's just me, of course.

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