Monday, June 09, 2008

Walt's People - Volume 1

If you have tried to buy Walt's People - Volume 1 since March of this year through Amazon or Barnes and Noble, you may have noticed that this volume is now listed as unavailable. Xlibris seems to have changed its policies regarding distribution and the books they release are now only available for 2 years on the online bookstores. To have the books available there for a longer time, one has to pay a $69 yearly fee. This is a terrible frustration as I was not aware of this policy when I signed up with Xlibris 3 years ago. This additional cost multiplied by the number of volumes in the series is likely to unbalance completely the economics of the project. I will probably have to look for sponsors soon. We will see. For now I have taken steps to get WP - Volume 1 available again asap on the online bookstores.

All volumes remain available on, of course.


Mark Sonntag said...

I'll help in what ever way I can.

Didier Ghez said...

Thanks Mark, although I am confident that I will find a solution within the next few weeks.