Monday, May 26, 2008

This just in from Sébastien Durand:

[An interesting side note in Disney / Pixar history

In 1988, Pixar presented its third short,"Tin Toy" , at the Annual SIGGRAPH event with great fanfare. At the same conference, Apple presented "Pencil Test": "this film was created entirely on Apple II Macintosh computers" said the closing titles. It is interesting to note that a future Pixar director, Andrew Stanton ("A Bug's Life", "Finding Nemo" and "Wall*E") was credited as "storyteller" and "animator". Even more interesting is that Nancy Tague was responsible for "Design Police" as well as credited as "animator" and "storyteller". A few years before, at another SIGGRAPH conference, Nancy had met John Lasseter and had since become his wife. This may explain why John is credited as "Coach" for "Pencil Test". Remember this was WAY BEFORE Steve Jobs returned to Apple and his relations with the company he had created then being ejected from were at the time very difficult!

You can see Pencil Test here and here is a Making of Pencil Test.]

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