Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We are just back from New York and I might be posting a bit more about that trip this week or next. Let's just say a few words for now: the whole trip went extremely well. I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time two of the Disney historians I most admire: John Canemaker and John Culhane. I also had the pleasure of having dinner with Diane Disney Miller, Walt's daughter. With some luck those three meetings will have some very interesting consequences in the next few months. Since it is too early to comment on this, though, here is some bit of news I got from John Canemaker that I am able to share.

The name of his upcoming book is Two Guys Named Joe: Master Animation Storytellers Joe Grant and Joe Ranft published by Disney Edition, Fall 2009.

John shared a preview of the illustrations and this book will obviously be a must-have and a must-read as were all of John's other books.

I also had an "Aha!" moment during the discovery of the illustrations for the book. But more about that later this week.

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