Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Walt's People update

Some good news about Walt's People, finally:

- I have just approved the interior galleys of Volume 6, which means that the release date should be around my birthday on May 19. A bit more than one whole month late.

- I have received yesterday two interviews I had been awaiting for a long, long time. One of Paul Murry by Donald Ault (the only existing interview of Murry aside from a very short one by George Sherman) and one I conducted virtually (sending the questions on paper and receiving the answers on tape) with Paul Carlson. This interview with Carlson mostly covers the production of Disney commercials in the '50s, a subject seldom discussed anywhere else.

- John Culhane has started to catalog all of his interviews in order to get them published in Walt's People. This is especially exciting as he seems to have taped interviews with Bill Tytla and potentially John Lounsbery.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Klaus Spillman's written 1981 interview with Murry.

Paul M. Carhart said...

My birthday is also on May 19. Happy Birthday!