Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Here are two pieces of audio material that you might be interested in.

Frank Stajano writes:

[A new podcast is available at this link.

It opens with an interview with Don Rosa from January 2008. There are many interviews with Don on the net. The new thing here isthat you get to hear the man's voice, rather than just reading his words. There are also a few previously unpublished nuggets, from the reference material I collected when I was writing the book on him twelve years ago.]

And Dave Oneal mentioned:

[When I was a kid I had a great big boom box radio, and it had a tape recorder in it. I used to use it to make sound tracks for my silent super 8 films, and sometimes I would record off the radio. Sometimes I would catch a Disneyland advertisement, and I would treasure it and play it over and over again!!

Well recently I had the chance to meet a fellow who worked in radio back in the 1950's and 60's And he handed me a box of what they called reel to reel tapes! Once I found a place here in Hollywood that could play them, I was astounded to find several Disneyland spots from the 50's and 60's!! The problem was a lot of noise and hiss from the tapes beinghot and cold for decades.

But as they say every cloud has a silver lining since one of my other friends is an a pro tools audio expert and we spent a few saturdays at his studio after hours cleaning the tapes and wow they sound great. So I'm pleased to say that I'm now offering you a very special CD of radio spots from Disneyland from the 50's to 70's plus an interview tape with Walt Disney.I know not everyone is as excited as me to listen to these, but if you would like a chance to own these recordings on CD, now is the time, you can purchase them at this link. Or you can download them right now by purchasing the download at this link.]

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