Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bill Tytla, Quebec and Prague - I need your help

While in New York, John Culhane mentioned that Bill Tytla had been interviewed during Expo 67 in Montreal and that the interview was filmed! I am assuming that the interview was conducted by the late Louise Beaudet. There is a movie titled "Vive L'Animation" from 1966 that shows up in the Archives of the Cinematheque Quebecoise and that seems to include Tytla as a participant.

Would a reader of this blog be able to visit the Cinematheque Quebecoise in order to:

1. Check out this movie to find out if it contains excerpts of an interview with Tytla?
2. Check out if the full tape / movie of the interview has been preserved there and who holds the copyright?

Another request, this time for our Czech readers or anyone that may be travelling to Prague soon. I have reasons to believe that the Prague Film Archives might contain some extremely rare material related to Disney animation (note that I might be wrong). If you are planning to travel to Prague or live there, could you please contact me?

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