Friday, March 21, 2008

We all know that John Lasseter's influence is being felt in the realm of Disney animation and theme parks. He seems to be also actively at work in the area of Disney publishing, stimulating an outstanding number of great projects. The number of books that will be published this year featuring never-seen-before artwork from the ARL is just staggering.

I have just received confirmation that Disney's Dogs by Tamara Khalaf and Tinker Bell - An Evolution by Melinda Johnson will both be art-books. The mysterious Disney's Neglected Prince: The Art of Disney's Knights in Shining Armor (and Loincloths) will be too. If one adds to this list Hippo in a Tutu: Dancing in Disney Animation by Mindy Aloff, the mysterious The Art of Disney, Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Mary Blair, and Walt Disney Animation Studios The Archive Series: Story, it is very clear that something significant is indeed happening.

And that does not even include the three books that will feature never-seen-before artwork from the WDI Archives: Walt Disney's Legends of Imagineering and the Genesis of the Disney Theme Parks by Jeff Kurtti, Illustrating Disney: Imagineering and the Fine Art of Disney Illustration, and The Art of Walt Disney World.

Yes we will get bankrupt, but for a very good cause this time.


Floyd Norman said...

Yes, it really is exciting what's happening at publishing because of Lasseter.

And, there's even more to come.

Creative-Type Dad said...

wow - they all sound great. I better get some more bookshelves.