Monday, March 24, 2008

More about The E-Ticket

Thanks to Steve Doherty for having forwarded us the following:

[The “E” Ticket is in negotiations for sale. I am not at liberty to say who the buyer is. They do not intend to continue publishing, but back issues will be available on some level.

We are working on issue 46 at this time, and this will be our last. We are, admittedly, way behind schedule, but the issue should be a good one. We are still selling back issues. With the mailing of 46, we will outline to subscribers options for their remaining subscription money. A mail-back signature card will be included. Refunds will be one option. A second option, and one I hope folks take advantage of, is to accept the new “Back Issue CD-3” against subscription money. This CD, covering issues 17 through 25, is now in development and will be completed about the time issue 46 comes out. Normally, our back issue CDs are $39. As a special to subscribers, the cost will be $29 (coincidentally what a subscription costs). If we owe the reader $29, it will be an even exchange. If we owe 3 issues of the 4 issue subscription, the subscriber can send a check for $7.25 to receive the CD. This math can be projected for other scenarios.

Thanks for your kind words about the magazine and for your long time support for our efforts. Feel free to share this information where you deem it appropriate. Our web site is hopelessly out of date and the person who used to maintain it is no longer on board.

Jack Janzen]


Anonymous said...

I'm one of the publishers of the new Orlando Attractions Magazine. I'd love to talk to the owner to see if we could work something out where existing subscribers could continue their Eticket subscriptions. But I'm not sure who to contact.

Didier Ghez said...


You should contact Jack Janzen (