Monday, March 10, 2008

Joe Hale

An anonymous reader of the blog posted the following comment this weekend about Joe Hale:

[If it's any help, there was in fact a WWII Vet at our school today, named Joe Hale, speaking about his experiences, including working for Disney on over 120 films, So I'd have to say he's still alive.]

Could this reader or anyone who knows how to contact Joe Hale contact me? I would love to interview him.

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Clement Glen said...

Did anyone find some information on Disney's producer Perce Pearce?

I know he was involved in the early days on Snow White etc. And came to England in the 1950's to Denham Studios to film the live-action adventures like Treasure Island, Robin Hood, Sword and the Rose and Kidnapped etc.

I am absolutely staggered that some one as important to Disney as Pearce must be nearly completely forgotten about!