Friday, February 15, 2008

Very busy day today, which means I have not much time to post anything of substance. Here is the last of the Serbian Mika Mis covers I just received, though. Issue 101. More on Monday.


ivcevski said...


Do you have these Mika Miš comics or just covers? I am looking for information, or rather making a list about The Phantom and Mandrake the magician stories published in Mika Miš, but those comics are very rare in ex-Yugoslavia and I've found information only for numbers 1-48 and 244-335. If you have some other numbers I will send you detailed questions on e-mail.

Didier Ghez said...

I have most of them complete (not all). Do email me directly with the list of questions and I should definitely be able to help with some of them at least.

Anonymous said...


Friend of mine posted question about Mika Miš here few months ago, but we forgot one important thing – this is magazine on cirilic and you probably can’t read cirilic. However, we can find informations in National university library in Zagreb in last two months. After this comics is very rare in Yugoslavia, do you interested in scan issue what you have for We can send to you a lot of serbian Disney comics Miki, Mikijev Zabavnik, Mikijev almanah, Miki Maus. That’s would be nice, you can get invite on our forum. We have scan 1-50 and 269. One of our members can also scan 26-335. Some strips are only pbulsihed in ex-Yugoslavia in Mika Miš.

Didier Ghez said...

Yes I am. Please contact me by email at