Thursday, February 07, 2008

New York

I am planning to spend 10 days of vacations during the second or third week of April in New York. Part of the objective of that trip, aside from enjoying the cultural and culinary life of the Big Apple, is to meet a few key Disney historians like John Culhane and John Canemaker, to discuss their potential collaboration to Walt's People. I am also hoping to have a chance to meet Michael Sporn and all the other blog readers that might be there around that time.

There is another reason for this post, however. As we all know, the most problematic part of a trip to New York is the cost of the accomodation. My wife and myself were supposed to be hosted at a friend's appartment, but that friend just learned that he will soon leave NY, so that option fell through.

Would any of you be able to recommend a good but very cheap option for accomodation in New York? (I realize this is a long shot, but asking does not cost anything as we say in French)


Chappell said...

I can only think of one thing, as I have had the same issue before. Cheap accommodations in NYC are difficult.

Try the temporary housing section of Craig's list:

Occasionally, you can find something on there for under $100 per day. Good luck!

Didier Ghez said...