Friday, February 08, 2008

I am not in Barcelona yet and I was browsing on Amazon this evening when I stumbled upon these two upcoming books. Needles to say, I was so excited that I needed to share the news right away.

Walt Disney Animation Studios The Artist Series: Story

Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Mary Blair

We knew about the second one, although getting a confirmation is great. But the first book looks like the start of the Lasseter-inspired book projects about the best of Walt's people. Did I already say "exciting!"?


Matt Jones said...

Alright! Is it true Lasseter is pushing for more books on the artists? Perhaps we'll see something on Ken Anderson yet? The STORY book sounds very intriguing.
Love to see a Blair 'Peter Pan' book too.

Floyd Norman said...

Lasseter is indeed pushing for more books on the great Disney artists.

I've seen the STORY book, and it looks great. And yes, there will be more books in the pipeline that will feature great Disney art.

Stay tooned.

Anonymous said...

Seems worth it.