Friday, February 22, 2008


Would any reader of the blog have access to one of those four articles?

“Newspaperboys, Ah, How Well I Remember,” by Walt Disney, Family Weekly, October 14, 1961

“The Marceline I Knew” by Walt Disney, Marceline News, September 7, 1938

Article about Walt's 1960 visit to Marceline (title unknown), Marceline News, October 13, 1960

"Tricks of Sound in Disney Films Told by Expert," New York Herald Tribune, Oct. 27, 1940

Speaking of articles, I will post some interesting one next week. I thought I would do it today, but I am having an extremely busy day. Have a great weekend.


Hans Perk said...

Hi! I put up a post that includes the text of Walt's article "The Marceline I Knew" here!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, those articles are a bit too old.

Tony said...

Have you tried I stumbled across their site. It looks like a pay service tho....