Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jeff Kurtti was the first editor of the internal magazine WD Eye that I mentioned in a post yesterday and send me the following information:

[The magazine was created in the Communications department at WDI, since the Imagineer population had increased so much (a lot of "newbies"), and had spread all over the world. The idea was to create a communication that educated, updated, and helped bind the culture together.

The art, writing, and photography were pretty much all in-house and volunteer, and we had meetings to solicit ideas, contributions, and content.

Betsy Richman was in charge of the thing, I was the editor of issues One through Eight (I moved over to a new job at the Studio after that). I also wrote a large chunk of the content.

And of course, as always, Marty Sklar pored over every word with his relentless red pen! ;-)
Gino De Young in the WDI Graphics Department designed and produced the first five issues, it then got to be too much for him to keep sacrificing every evening and weekend for free to do it, so an outside firm began to do the design.

It went away for a while, cam back with a whole new creative team, mission, and form, then went away again.

The inventory you have there seems to be complete.]


Anonymous said...


What a surprise to find my name and information about WDeye here - I just returned from an Orlando trip and Disney is heavy on my mind ;-)

Mark Hickson said...

Here is the list of WDeye's that I have.
November 1989 – Issue 1 – Wonders of Life
December 1989 – Issue 2 – MGM Studios
January 1990 – Issue 3 – 3 Men and a Business Plan
February 1990 – Issue 4 – Love Imagineering Style
April 1990 – Issue 5 – Jungle Fever
Summer 1990 – Issue 6 – Old Kids on the Block
Winter 1990 – Issue 7 – Fantasia is 50
Spring 1991 – Issue 8 – Lifestyles of the Budget
Winter1991 – Issue 9 – Cartoon Sketching Map of WDI
Spring 1992 – Issue 10 – Crossing the Atlantic
Fall 1992 – Issue 11 – Molding the Magic
Winter 1992 – Issue 12 – WDI 40th Anniversary
Spring 1993 – Issue 13 – TDL 10 Years Old
Summer 1993 – Issue 14 – Unsung Heroes of WDI
Winter 1993 – Issue 15 – Disney America
Spring 1994 – Issue 16 – WDW Tower of Terror

I'm in several of them including the back cover of the TDL issue. I know they started it up again in 96' but I was living in London by then.