Monday, January 28, 2008

I received this morning the cover proof of Walt's People - Volume 6. Still about 7 weeks until its official release but I am always excited when those proofs start coming my way.
By the way, here is what will have been accomplished after the release of Volume 6:
Volume 1
JB Kaufman : Rudy Ising
Mike Barrier : Dave Hand
George Sherman : Bill Tytla
Paul Anderson : Ken Anderson
Robin Allan : Milt Kahl
John Province : Marc Davis
Mike Lyons : Marc Davis
Jim Korkis : Jack Hannah
Alain Littaye : John Hench
Didier Ghez : John Hench
Robin Allan : Harper Goff
Jim Korkis : Joyce Carlson
Peter Emslie : Cover art

Volume 2
JB Kaufman: Friz Freleng
John Province : Grim Natwick
Mike Barrier : Frank Tashlin
Jim Korkis : Ward Kimball
Mike Barrier : Ward Kimball
Arn Saba : Floyd Gottfredson
Robin Allan : Herb Ryman
Christian Renaut : Frank Thomas
Wes Sullivan : Dale Oliver
Robin Allan : Eric Larson
Thorkil Rasmussen : Eric Larson
Thorkil Rasmussen : Woolie Reitherman
Christian Renaut : Richard Rich
Didier Ghez : Richard Rich
Mike Lyons : Glen Keane
Didier Ghez : Glen Keane
Peter Emslie : Cover art

Volume 3
Dave Smith: Ben Sharpsteen
Thorkil Rasmussen : Ward Kimball
Klaus Strzyz : Ward Kimball
Klaus Strzyz : Art Babbitt
Mike Barrier : Art Babbitt
Mike Lyons: Joe Grant
Jim Korkis : Bill Justice
Wes Sullivan : Volus Jones
John Province : Bill Peet
Robin Allan : Lee Blair
Robin Allan : James Algar
Klaus Strzyz : Jack Bradbury
Klaus Strzyz : Tony Strobl
Celbi Pegoraro : Floyd Norman
Christian Renaut : Burny Mattinson
Christian Renaut : Andreas Deja and Phil Nibbelink
Didier Ghez: Andreas Deja
Christian Ziebarth: Andreas Deja
Peter Emslie: Cover art

Volume 4
JB Kaufman: Virginia Davis
Grim Natwick: Homage to a Star
Joe Adamson: Dick Huemer
Brian Sibley: Dick Huemer
Dick Huemer: Huemeresque 1 and 2
Mike Barrier: Joe Grant
Jim Korkis: Peter Ellenshaw
Armand Eisen: John Hench
Armand Eisen: Marc Davis
Dave Smith: Lou Debney
Charles Solomon: Stan Green
Charles Solomon: Leo Salkin
Christian Renaut: Dale Oliver
Alberto Becattini: Dick Moores
Alberto Becattini: Roger Armstrong
Don Peri: Roy Williams
Didier Ghez: Brian Sibley
Christian Renaut: Ted Berman
Floyd Norman: The Other Fred
Floyd Norman: The Bullpen
Celbi Pegoraro: Floyd Norman
Christian Ziebarth: Eric Goldberg
Pete Emslie: Cover Art

Volume 5
Michael Barrier: Hugh Harman
Dave Smith: Nadine Missakian
Richard Shale: Ward Kimball
Dave Smith and Richard Shale: Erwin Verity
Richard Hubler: James Algar
Richard Hubler: Winston Hibler
Richard Hubler: Bill Anderson
Richard Hubler: Bill Walsh
Christopher Finch and Linda Rosenkrantz: Bill Walsh
Richard Hubler: George Bruns
John Burlingame: Buddy Baker
Jérémie Noyer: Buddy Baker
Mike Barrier: Fess Parker
Christian Renaut: Walt Stanchfield
Richard Hubler: Marc Davis
Dave Oneil: Alice Davis
Richard Hubler: T. Hee
Harry McCracken: Maurice Noble
Christopher Finch and Linda Rosenkrantz: Al Dempster
Bob Miller: Walt Peregoy
Floyd Norman: Windwagon Smith
Floyd Norman: The Making of The Jungle Book
Jim Korkis: Bill Evans
Alberto Becattini: Jack Bradbury
Alberto Becattini: Lynn Karp
Didier Ghez: Dave Michener
John Musker: In Memory of Vance Gerry
Charles Solomon : Vance Gerry
Christian Renaut: Vance Gerry
Clay Kaytis: Ron Clements and John Musker
Pete Emslie: Cover Art

Volume 6
Michael Barrier: Carl Stalling
I. Klein: The Disney Studio in the ‘30s
I. Klein: Some Close-Up Shots of Walt Disney during the “Golden Years”
I. Klein: Golden Age Animator Vladimir (Bill) Tytla
I. Klein: Walt Disney Took Another Giant Step!
Steve Hulett: Wilfred Jackson
Steve Hulett: Eric Larson
Steve Hulett: Ward Kimball
Steve Hulett: Ken Anderson
Steve Hulett: Ken O'Connor
Steve Hulett: Claude Coates
Robin Allan: Claude Coats
Christopher Finch: Frank Thomas
Christopher Finch: Ollie Johnston
Christopher Finch: Milt Kahl
JB Kaufman: Maurice Rapf
Richard Hubler: Lillian Disney
Richard Hubler: Roy O. Disney
Richard Hubler: Edna Disney
Richard Hubler: Sharon Disney
Richard Hubler: Diane Disney Miller
Richard Hubler: Ron Miller
Richard Hubler: Dick Irvine
Richard Hubler: Marvin Davis
Richard Hubler: Joe Fowler
Richard Hubler: Roger Broggie
Dave Smith: Fred Joerger
Jim Korkis: Ken Anderson
Richard Hubler: Frank Reilly
Frank Reilly: The Walt Disney Comic Strips
Jim Davis and Alberto Becattini: Ken Hultgren
Wes Sullivan: Bud Hester
Wes Sullivan: Iwao Takamoto
Gabe Essoe: Larry Clemmons
Christian Renaut: Joe Hale
Didier Ghez: Steve Hulett

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