Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This just in from Jim Korkis:
[Here's something I never knew: puppeteer Bob Baker had the original Pinocchio puppet used as a model in the Disney film.

As part of their “Walt Disney Showcase Collection," Master Replicas presents a meticulous reproduction of Disney's Pinocchio.

When Master Replicas approached renowned Los Angeles master puppeteer Bob Baker with a proposal for him to recreate Pinocchio for the original Disney design sketches, they were stunned by his response. Baker did not have to recreate the original animators’ model, because he owned the original, given to him personally by Walt Disney himself. Disney had been an admirer of Baker’s work, and presented the original puppet head to Baker following completion of the film.

Measuring 35” tall, and produced in a limited edition of 1,940 pieces, the Pinocchio Marionette is fully articulated and functional, and comes with a display stand and individually numbered plaque.
Here is the link from which this information came from.]

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