Monday, December 10, 2007

This just in from Jim Korkis:

I love old magazine articles but you can't always trust the information that is in them. In the March 1941 edition of "Popular Science" Harry Welch claims he did the voices for Popeye, six of the Seven Dwarves, the Big Bad Wolf and Olive Oyl. This is, of course, as pointed out by Fleischer and animation historian G. Michael Dobbs completely wrong.
Welch didn’t do his Popeye work until Famous Studios moved back to New York in 1942 and even then he was just an occasional fill-in for Jack Mercer.
Jackson Beck was Bluto and Mae Questel was Olive Oyl but without screen credits I guess Welch felt he could claim he did those voices as well. Billy Bletcher and Pinto Colvig and a host of other Disney voice talent might be a little surprised by Welch's claims of all those Disney voices he did.]

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