Thursday, December 06, 2007

Do not miss today:

- The Walt Disney Family Museum site has been updated
- Quite a few great new posts on Toons at War
- Ward Kimball’s Kooky Kar Kulture by Jim Fanning
- "How Does the Show Go On?" lifts the curtain on what goes on behind-the-scenes at a Broadway musical by Jim Hill
- Where's Walt, No. 2 posted by Michael Barrier on December 5, 2007
- Uncle Scrooge's Triple Anniversary by Wade Sampson
- Dec. 5th by Michael Sporn
- Baia Boards by Michael Sporn
- Time Magazine December 27, 1937 by Joe Campana
- Ken Southworth 1918-2007 by Ken Priebe [This last news saddens me tremendously as I had interviewed Ken Southworth over the phone for Walt's People only a few months ago and had not even had time to share the final result with him.]

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