Friday, November 30, 2007

This just in from Jim Korkis:

[Walt Disney was quite a salesman. Previously, you showcased him promoting DeSoto cars. My favorite Walt advertisement is Walt promoting a ball point pen with the ad suggesting that Walt animated all of "Bambi" by himself using the ball point pen. Here is an ad from 1941 with Walt promoting a watch and despite the ad's statement that Walt's personal watch was a Longines, I can't confirm that fact. For those who can't quite read the teeny-tiny type at the top of the ad, here it is:

Walt Disney who created a new form of musical entertainment in "Fantasia", the masterpiece of animation says, "Time is of the essence in motion picture production." Because scenes are measured in seconds and dialog, sound effects, and music are tailored to fit by precise time measurements, motion picture producers have made extensive use of Longines Watches from the earliest days.
Mr. Disney's personal watch is a Longines "Hall of Fame".

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