Monday, October 15, 2007

This just in from Jim Korkis:

[The wonderful and frustrating thing about doing research is you run across items that are completely unrelated to what you are trying to research but they are too good to be tossed aside. Here are two quotes I ran across this weekend that I didn't remember ever reading although I must have since they were in my files:

"We thought we were always going to be twenty-one years old. We thought we would always be putting goldfish in the bottled drinking water, balancing cups of water on the light fixtures, changing the labels on cans of sauerkraut juice. We were twenty-one years old. Walt was thirty, leading the pack. Working there was more fun than any job I could ever imagine." --Ward Kimball from the book "Donald Duck" by Marcia Blitz (1979)

At Imagineer Claude Coat's 54th anniversary with the Disney Company in 1989, he told a group of cast members: "Walt was real easy to work for, if you did exactly what he wanted the first time. He had a funny way of using the word 'Disney'. He'd say, 'You've got to get more Disney in it', and he didn't mean that he wasn't necessarily going to do it, but he meant that something had to happen to make it better than it was." Coats did background and color styling for Snow White, Song of the South, Peter Pan and more and then in 1955 was moved to WED to work on Disneyland dark ride attractions.]

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