Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This just in from Jim Korkis:

[Saturday night I was at an NFFC event where Bill "Sully" Sullivan was talking. I got some great stories from him and permission to transcribe that 26 minute interview that was done with Lillian Disney, Diane and her daughter Jenny on the day that Epcot opened. Sully was the one who arranged for that interview since he was in charge of Epcot at that time and so I got the story behind how that interview was arranged. He had never seen the interview so I got him a copy. It was Bob Allen who conducted the interview. Once transcribed, I'll get it to "Walt's People".

Sully mentioned that when Walt Disney was in the Disneyland park, communication would go out to all the people with the secret code: "Code W". Sully said that one time at Walt Disney World on Main Street, Roy O. Disney was standing next to Dick Nunis, the President of the Disney parks, who had his radio turned on when the announcement came over it: "Code R. Code R." Roy looked at him and said, "What does that mean?" An embarrassed Nunis said, "It means you are in the park, sir." Roy paused and said quietly, "Oh." Then he said nothing more.

Also at the event was Michael Broggie, the son of Imagineer Roger Broggie, who was out here at Walt Disney World because the special train themed room at the Wilderness Lodge resort was officially re-named the "Carolwood Pacific" room the day before and Michael was here for the ceremonies. It was originally called the "Iron Spike" room and featured items and photos relating to Walt Disney's love of trains.

Michael announced that he is working on three new books: Walt's Words of Wisdom, a book filled with Walt quotes to inspire young people, a history of the Disney Studio and a book about stunt people. In addition, he is working with the Disney Family Museum to obtain and archive interviews for them as well as promoting a special product (the first one licensed by the Disney family) of an HO scale model of the Lilly Belle engine and cars that used to run around Walt's backyard. It is available on the Carolwood Pacific website and may soon be sold at the Disney theme parks.

Michael was very busy because Sunday he took a group walking the route of the original Ft. Wilderness railroad along with two folks who worked on that railroad. On Monday, he did a special two hour presentation for WDW cast members.]

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