Friday, October 19, 2007

I usually stay away from Park-related news. To be honnest the main reason for this is that WDI has not excited me much in a while. The other reason usually is that not many of WDI's new projects are related to Disney history (there are always a few exceptions, of course). That is until this week's news about the redo of Disney's California Adventure, which includes tributes to Walt' arrival in LA, a recreation of the Carthay Circle Theater where Snow White was premiered and even a new version of the Flying Saucers (under management from Car's character Luigi).

Are we seeing the beginning of a new golden age of WDI as was the case on the mid-80s? I and many others do hope so.

For more about this massive and much needed redo check this link and that link.


Pete Emslie said...

I used to love looking at the theme park concept art that Disney used to roll out by the likes of Herb Ryman and Sam McKim, (as well as the great character stuff by Marc Davis!) Those paintings were really inspiring to look at. I recall how the concept art for EPCOT got me really excited to go visit the park when it opened in 1982.

However, looking at these artist's concepts for DCA does not get me at all excited, I'm afraid. That flying saucer ride art in particular is very poorly composed and drably rendered. I also looked at the art featured on the Mice Age link and that is also rather uninspiring. What gives? Are there no longer any real PAINTERS employed at WDI? This all looks like it has been rendered digitally instead of illustrated with paint on board. At any rate, it certainly doesn't thrill me. Hopefully the attractions themselves will transcend this pedestrian concept art.

Didier Ghez said...

I can't disagree with that post.