Friday, October 05, 2007

I have just received the following email from Dave Oneal (owner of the Extinct Attractions Club):

[As you may be aware, I have been creating a book about the motels, shops,and restaurants around the Disneyland area from the 1950s to today, and I'm happy to report we are actually in the middle of the book now and should be printing it within 6 weeks! But we are looking for your help!

The book is a chronicle of how all the little motels and shops popped up after Disneyland was built, it contains hundreds of pictures and a collection of little stories from various Disney legends, and famous Disney writers... but we need you help too!

Did you stay at the Heid motel? Knona Kai, or have a favorite memory of say Chaos Chinese place? Tell us about it, do you have a snap shot out side the park? We are looking for help, so please let me know! The web site is still in deveopment, but we will be adding more and more everyday! Check it out at this link.]

To be honnest, this subject does not excite me much, but I like the bit about "little stories from various Disney legends." That's a part that does sound exciting.

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